Frequently Asked Questions



Q:  How do I register and when can I register?

A:  You can register by logging into your portal at my.ucmerced.edu and clicking MyRegistration in the Student Services box.  From there you can select "Register/Add/Drop Classes".  

Every student is assigned a registration time.  To find out when your time is, you will need to log into your portal and click on MyRegistrationTime in the Student Services box.  The day and time noted is the earliest you will be able to enroll in courses for the given semester.  Please try to register as soon as possible after your assigned registration time occurs; courses will fill and close.  

For any additional questions on registration and useful tips, watch our online workshop for Registration Help here

Q:  How do I repeat a course?

A:  Course repeats are done with advisor permission only.  You will need to email your advisor for permission to repeat the course.  It is our policy to not approve repeats of a course until after final grades have posted.  If at the end of the term you did not pass the course, please contact your advisor via email for a repeat approval.  If you are requesting a third or subsequent attempt, you will need to submit a Subsequent Course Repeat form.

Q:  How do I enroll in more than 18 units in a single semester?

A:  Students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher to be approved for enrollment in more than 18 units in a single semester.   In order to do so, you must email your advisor for permission.

Q:  Where can I find specific course information, like prerequisites and course descriptions?

A:  For current course descriptions and prerequisites, please consult the schedule of classes at http://registrar.ucmerced.edu/go/schedule. By clicking on the CRN of a specific course you can view the description, prerequisites and space still available in the course. 

Q: Who is my advisor?

A: Students can follow the flow chart at http://ns-advising.ucmerced.edu/about/office-hours in order to determine who your professional advisor is. If you are a freshman or a sophomore with a routine question you can visit the Academic Advising Mentors located in SE1 270.

Q:  Is it required for me to see my advisor before I register?

A:  No, advising is not required for most students unless it is specifically noted.  If you would like to meet with your advisor, you should prepare for your session by reviewing your MyDegreePath Audit and the online schedule of classes.   You should also think about what courses you would need to take in order to reach your goals. Please remember to bring a printed copy of your MyAudit with you to your appointment or walk-in; electronic versions will not be accepted.

Q: How do I enroll in two courses that have a time conflict?

A: It may be possible to enroll in conflicting courses, but you will need to obtain the permission of both instructors on the Time Conflict Override form at http://registrar.ucmerced.edu.  If both instructors agree, please bring the form in to your advisor and you may be able to enroll in both.


Declaration of Major or Minor

Q:  How do I declare a major, emphasis or minor?

A:  Complete the Major/Minor Change form and Graduation Planner and turn it in to the School of Natural Sciences Student Services front desk for appropriate signatures.

Q:  Do I need to meet with my advisor to declare a major, emphasis or minor?

A:  Meeting with an advisor is not mandatory, but you may do so if you would like.

Q:  What are the requirements to declare a major in the School of Natural Sciences?

A:  To declare a major in the School of Natural Sciences, continuing students must have at least a 2.0 GPA in science courses taken towards the intended major and emphasis requirements (including MATH 005 and CHEM 001). Additionally, in accordance with the Early Progress Policy, students must complete their first-level math and chemistry courses prior to being admitted to the major.  First time freshman will not be allowed to change their major until this policy has been satisfied.

A student’s request for a change of major may be denied if the science GPA is less than a 2.0. In the event of a denial, a student may request another change of major into the School of Natural Sciences after the Early Progress Policy criteria has been satisfied and the science GPA has reached 2.0.



Q:  What’s the difference between graduation and commencement?

A:  Graduation occurs once all degree requirements are completed.  Commencement is the annual ceremony which celebrates the academic achievements of our undergraduate and graduate students.  Participating in Commencement does not indicate confirmation that degree requirements have been fulfilled.  Diplomas are not distributed at Commencement and degrees are not awarded until all requirements are completed.  Commencement participation is declared on the Undergraduate Graduation Application.

Q:  How do I apply for graduation?

A:  Students expecting to complete work for their degree by the end of a semester must declare their intent to graduate by submitting the Undergraduate Graduation Application, accompanied by the appropriate fee, to the Students First Center for the semester in which they plan to receive the degree.  Students have until February 15 of each year to file to graduate in the spring semester, until June 15 to file to graduate in the summer term, or until September 15 of each year to file to graduate in the fall semester.

Each student may participate in only one Commencement ceremony as an undergraduate.  Graduate students may participate in two ceremonies if master’s and doctoral degrees are conferred in separate years.  Undergraduates may choose to participate in the Commencement ceremony if they completed their degree requirements the prior fall, or if they anticipate completing their degree requirements in spring or summer.