NS Advising Responsibilities

Advisor Responsibilities:

  • Clarify university and school policies, regulations, programs, and procedures.
  • Notify students of significant changes to university or school policy.
  • Be available to meet with students each semester to discuss class registration and degree progression, given that he/she promptly responds to invitations for appointments.
  • Assist students facing difficulties that affect his/her education.
  • Help students explore interests, abilities, and goals and how these translate into an academic major.
  • Offer advice for course selection and satisfaction of degree requirements.
  • Refer students to appropriate university support services as needed.
  • Discuss academic performance and implications of students' performance on undergraduate program and degree completion.


Student Responsibilities:

  • Follow through with actions identified during advising visit and accept final responsibility for all decisions.
  • Alert your advisor to any life changes, circumstances, etc. that may affect academic needs, class attendance, or ability to focus on your education.
  • Prepare for academic advising appointments by clarifying personal goals and needs.
  • Keep advisor informed about changes in academic progress, course selection, and academic/career goals.
  • Become familiar with major requirements, course pre-requisites, and other such information that affect course scheduling and class sequencing.
  • Participate fully in courses by carefully reviewing course syllabi, completing assignments, and attending class.
  • Follow University procedures for registration and adjustments to class schedules.
  • Observe all academic deadlines
  • Read and understand all UC Merced Academic Policies and Procedures found in the University Catalog.