Communication Policy

UC Merced Policy on the Use of Email for Official Communications with students establishes email as a method for official communications from UC Merced to graduate, professional, and undergraduate students. 

The School of Natural Sciences uses email as an official means to communicate with students on many important matters.  Email is often the only way many of the important information is distributed.  Please check your UC Merced email regularly.  All students are responsible for knowing and when relevant, acting on all contents we send you via email.

Communication Protocol

Communication via a student’s UC Merced email account is the official method NS Advising Program will use to communicate with you. Due to privacy regulations, your Advisor will communicate solely through the email account assigned to you ( While some inquiries may be resolved through email correspondence, most situations benefit from scheduling a face to-face appointment or walk-in meeting for further discussion.

When emailing your advisor, it is appropriate to use complete sentences and good grammar. To help the advisors assist you more quickly, please be sure to include the following in your message:

  • Your full name
  • Your student ID number
  • A brief but detailed explanation of your concern or problem                                                         


















Contacting NS Advising

Students contacting NS Advising via email or voice-mail should expect a response within 72 hrs during business days (3 working days-Monday through Friday). During peak registration periods, response times will be longer.