Normal Progress to Degree

The School of Natural Sciences degree requirements are at least 120, but not more than 150 semester units.  Per UC Merced policy, students are required to complete their degree requirements within 9 semesters (not counting summer sessions).  Enrollment beyond 9 semesters requires a petition to be reviewed by the School Dean.

Petitions for an Additional Term

Petitions for an Additional Term will not be accepted from students until they are in their 9th semester of enrollment and they will not be completing their degree requirements within the established limit.  This Petition is also only available from an academic advisor based on need.  Students currently completing their 9th semester of enrollment will be contacted by the School of Natural Sciences with specific information regarding the petition process.  Students should be preparing to complete all degree requirements within the allotted 9 terms.

Such permission is rarely granted and then typically only to allow completion of minimum degree requirements.  Extensions of enrollment will not be approved to complete a 2nd major or minor, to do research or to take electives to meet graduate or professional school admissions requirements.  Students will be expected to adhere to a program of courses agreed upon and to meet other conditions that may have been set.   Approval must be obtained before a student will be permitted to register for additional terms.

Students who do not receive approval to enroll beyond 9 terms and are blocked from enrolling in fall and spring semesters may enroll in classes during Summer Sessions or through the Concurrent Enrollment program.

The full University policy can be found at